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About Us

Dr. Jacqueline Rice-McKenzie

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician Specialist and Medical Cannabis Consultant

Dr. Jacqueline Rice-McKenzie is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician specialist, Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine, fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, Guillain-Barre Syndrome Survivor and Founder of Floweret MD. Spanning 17+ years, Dr. Rice holds an extensive professional career treating life-threatening injuries and illnesses of critical emergency department patients. Dr. Rice recognized numerous patients suffering the untoward effects of chronic and acute pain, opioid addiction, seizures, dementia, spasms, and numerous unrelenting medical conditions were presenting to the emergency department multiple times. Yet, unbeknownst to most, including countless medical professionals, many repeat patients failing traditional medicine could qualify for the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis.

Thriving to narrow the substantial gap between conventional patient care and the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, Dr. Rice attained further training in the endocannabinoid system and the vast world of medical cannabis. Then, taking the knowledge gained through state-approved Medical Use of Marijuana programs and other experts in the field, Dr. Rice founded Floweret MD. Floweret MD encompasses a virtual team of medical cannabis physicians offering online medical cannabis certifications to qualified patients, supporting patients in achieving an improved quality of life with natural cannabis treatment.

Before her current standing, Dr. Rice graduated summa cum laude from the Xavier University of Louisiana, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology. She also received honors in Chemistry and History. In addition, she attained the distinction of being a multi-year Rousseve Scholar, a distinguished award presented to the top ten academic students each school year. During college, Dr. Rice witnessed her father experiencing a sudden, serious heart condition, igniting her passion for becoming a doctor. With this newfound goal, Dr. Rice began her journey into medicine.

Accepted to more than a dozen medical schools, Dr. Rice chose to return to her hometown of Birmingham to obtain her Doctor of Medicine Degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Upon medical school graduation, Dr. Rice moved to New York City, where she completed her emergency medicine residency at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.

After years of in-depth study on the body’s intricate responses to illness and trauma, evidence-based medicine and improved patient outcomes, and efficient emergency medicine workflow optimization, Dr. Rice relocated to Texas, joining Greater Hospital Emergency Physicians (GHEP) group. She worked within the 26-bed acute care emergency department of East Houston Regional Medical Center frequently as the sole physician. This powerful experience sharpened her ability to act fast and efficiently during critical life and death situations. She also served as the Emergency Department medical liaison during monthly multidisciplinary hospital meetings. From there, Dr. Rice began working extra shifts at Texas Emergency Care Center alongside her primary role, ultimately landing her an unanticipated promotion to partner with six other doctors and co-own Texas Emergency Care Center-Atascocita.

Unexpectedly, Dr. Rice was diagnosed with acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP), a variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. She was hospitalized and underwent months of physical therapy. Ultimately, the lasting effects peripheral neuropathy had on her fine motor skills rendered her unable to resume her emergency department role.

Dr. Rice’s condition, coupled with her father facing a rapidly progressive Parkinson’s Disease, motivated her to research more on nerve damage when she stumbled across literature on medical cannabis. Her readings sparked Dr. Rice’s interest in the emerging field of medical cannabis. She soon began brainstorming ways to integrate this naturopathic approach into her practice.


Fast forward to today, Dr. Rice has proactively worked as a medical cannabis physician at Compassionate Telemedicine, is now the owner of Floweret MD, and enjoys every moment of enriching patient lives with the promising health bolstering properties of medical cannabis. As a dynamic medical cannabis physician and Guillain-Barre Syndrome survivor who lives with residual neuropathy, Dr. Rice is excited to support others in achieving the quality-rich lives they deserve. She has a genuine fondness for what she does. She demonstrates that by delivering high-quality, compassionate medical cannabis evaluations for an excellent, alternative health solution, all while ensuring patients have a positive experience along the way. Dr. Rice's dedication to patient's bests interests and her mission of service excellence can solidify your confidence that Dr. Rice will diligently strive to help you achieve new levels of health and wellness.
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