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Austin’s Rockin’ Hemp event returns

Sunday saw the return of the Austin based CannaRock event that takes place at Come and Take It Live in Austin, TX.

The event, which started in 2019, had its return after a year of dealing with COVID-19 making live in-person events impossible. The event had live musicians and industry speakers/activists lined up throughout its 5-hour span. That was just on the inside. Outside, the event had vendors such as Sweet Sensi, Mama P, Green Queen, and a lineup of classic cars to show.

“Since getting involved in the cannabis industry in Austin, I have seen a need to create family-friendly consumer-facing events in Texas. I believe we can only do so much work within the industry and the only way to destigmatize this plant and its believers is to provide unique and inviting educational experiences,” Brittan Leigh told Texas Cannabis Collective

leah lakstins shayda torabi cannarock
Leak Lakstins of Hemp Tours introducing Shayda Torabi of Restart CBD. Photo by Jesse Williams

Leigh continued, stating that she created Cannarock to provide an opportunity for the ATX community to learn about the benefits of cannabis and hemp while supporting local businesses and artists.  That by combining entertainment with education, her event would have the ability to educate people who might be curious about the benefits of CBD while guaranteeing that the information and product they are receiving is legitimate.

The event was a partnership between Higher Ed Hemp Tours and Grow House Media and featured about 6-7 different vendors in the space allotted outside and 6 different classic cars or sports cars. The event is described as “a pop-up celebration” that combines the unique Austin vibe and lifestyle with a growing hemp market. The event desires to expand how many people see community CBD brands utilizing entertainment and the local culture to have a clean, fun, time.     

CHASEISNORML music puts the rock in CANNAROCK 2021

From the CannaRock site: “Our 2021 event aims to celebrate the local cannabis industry and the advances we have made over the past two years! We offer an educational experience in a fun atmosphere that is true to the Austin vibe. Who says you can’t learn and party at the same time?

The presenting sponsor of the event was Sweet Sensi, who as mentioned before was also a vendor on site. Founder and Owner Greg Autry was also a speaker at the end giving a presentation title Behind the Brand with Sweet Sensi. The speaker portion of the event was hosted by Hemp Tours with Daniel and Leah Lakstins.

The event bills itself as family-friendly and that it was. Several people had brought their children to the event to include CHASEISNORML. CHASEISNORML brought his son on stage during the performance to sing with him.

The following is the remaining sponsors and lineup for the day.

Performances by: DADDY NAT (San Antonio) CHASEISNORML (Austin) AFFINITY FALLS (Houston)
CR Vendors: Redeemer CBD, Log Cabin Apothocary, Green Queen, Mama’ P’s, Hempry, White Rhino Bag
The Juju Co.
Speaker series:(hosted by Hemp Tours)
Cannabis Startup 101 Lee Vernon- First Responder Fuel
Lesli Vernon- The Healthy Chics
Texas Cannabis Advocacy – Liz & Patrick Growhouse
What You Need To Know About Texas Cannabis – Shayda Torabi of Restart CBD
Cannabis Science 101 – Anita Sommers aka CBD Genie
Behind The Brand with Sweet Sensi – Greg Autry

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