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Sid Miller announces re-election bid, Rep. James White hints at a run as well

sid miller james white ag commissioner election

Ag Commissioner Sid Miller announced on June 21st he would seek reelection to the office he holds, Rep James White (R) announced on the following Wednesday that he would also be open to running for the position.

Rep. White told The Chad Hasty Show of KYFO News and Talk Radio,

I hope and really think I’ll be on the ballot again. I like the idea of being in the position to promote and protect Texas’ number one largest industry in the state. We need all Texans fighting, promoting, and protecting our Texas Agriculture. Our Texas Agriculture, Chad, is under siege on the border from transnational gangs, under siege from all types of federal overreach and regulation, under siege from the economic market cartels that are driving down prices of our farmers and ranchers where they can’t make the money they deserve. We need Texans fighting and promoting and protecting our Texas Agriculture and I hope I’m in a position in the future to do that.

Rep James White on The Chad Hasty Show

Rep. James White is the current Chair of the Homeland Security & Public Safety committee in the Texas House. On top of that, he is also a member of the Corrections and Redistricting committees. White authored a penalty reduction bill in the house which did not make it past the house committee in the 87th legislative session. The bill would have reduced the penalties for both cannabis flower and concentrates.

Sid Miller is the current and 12th Agricultural Commissioner for the State of Texas. Sid announced on Wed June 23, 2021, that he would seek reelection for the position he currently holds. It had been rumored that Sid was looking at a possible run for Governor until this announcement.

Miller has vocalized in the past that he believes that cannabis to include hemp and marijuana should be available for all medical ailments, going as far as including toothaches.

Sid was recently on The Texas Hemp Show as a guest discussing his political future on Jun 24th.

“Monday of this week I announced that I’d be running for reelection,” Miller told THR.

Sid Continued telling THR, “I’ve been preparing for it (this job) my whole life, and I didn’t know it, but I was. I wanna be the ag commissioner, today, tomorrow, the next year. And when I do leave office I hope we get one that’s better than me, because all of the ag culture and all but the consumers of Texas deserve that, nothing less. I’ve actually made this a real job not just a political stepping stone.”

Sid told the Texas Tribune, “I really have the best and most rewarding job in the world,” Miller said in a statement. “That’s why, after listening to the advice of supporters, friends and my team, I have decided that I can best serve Texas by continuing this important work.”

Now Texas waits to see if White confirms that he will seek to run against Sid and if anybody else will be throwing their name into the ring seeking the position in 2022.

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