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Texas man gets 3rd-degree felony indictment over hemp license trickery

Keenan Lopez Williams has been indicted on a third-degree felony theft charge by Travis County, accusing Williams of tricking potential business investors out of money in an attempt to buy hemp licenses from the state.

Initially reported to Austin KVUE, the DA’s office alleged that Williams perverted the process on how to obtain a hemp license and lied about the spending of about $77,500 provided by investors.

Officials said Williams also deceived potential investors by claiming he had connections to politicians and elected leaders that could result in a “pay for play” dynamic.

“Keenan Williams informed them that he worked for the Trump Campaign and had relationships with political leaders to get things done,” said Brad Weatherford to KVUE. Brad Weatherford is the Texas Ranger who investigated Williams. “I reviewed Keenan Williams’s Facebook public page, which has photos of Keenan Williams and a number of state and federal elected officials, thus giving credibility to Keenan Williams’ deception of providing certain services to guarantee a hemp license.

Williams is out on bond after being issued an arrest warrant on February 12, 2021. Williams’ case will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office’s Public Integrity Unit and is pending in the 460th District Court.

Jesse Williams is a retired Navy veteran with a background in nuclear power propulsion plants, graphic design, and mass communications. When not writing articles for Texas Cannabis Collective or EducatingTexans.org he enjoys time with his wife and son in SW Austin. He is an alumnus of NNPTC, NPTU, Austin Community College and Texas State University.

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