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Texas Marijuana Policy Voter’s Guide, early voting, and Super Tuesday.

voting sign vete her vote aqui in Texas
Image by Jay Phagan from Taft, Texas under creative commons

Early voting has began and will continue through February 25th, while Super Tuesday will take place March 1st for primary elections in Texas.

Texas NORML released the Texas Marijuana Policy Voter’s Guide shortly before early voting started. The plan is to give voters an idea of the candidate’s marijuana policy plans in the districts where they are running.

The guide has each federal congressional district candidate responses, each state representative’s district candidate responses, and every state senator’s district candidate responses.

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In Texas every 10 years (every election year ending in 2), the entire state senate is up for re-election. A lottery is done for the following election to determine which half will be running again in the year ending in 4. This election cycle is unique in it’s own way as the president of the senate (Lt. Governor) which is up for reelection every four years, is also up for reelection this year.

The position for Governor is up for grabs this election, along with Attorney General and Texas Agricultural Commissioner that can have an impact on cannabis issues in Texas.

Any voter interested in finding out what district they are currently in can visit the Who Represents Me website to type in their information to know.

Jesse Williams is a retired Navy veteran with a background in nuclear power propulsion plants, graphic design, and mass communications. When not writing articles for Texas Cannabis Collective or EducatingTexans.org he enjoys time with his wife and son in SW Austin. He is an alumnus of NNPTC, NPTU, Austin Community College and Texas State University.

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